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Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Zoey is 5 months old today!

Yesterday she had her 4th audiology appointment at Dartmouth in Lebanon, NH. The results were the same as the prior tests…which was really no surprise.

The tests completed confirmed that she has very little hearing and that it will not “get better.” We also went through the options that are available to her, which are minimal due to her age and condition.

It didn’t take me long to agree with trying hearing aids. If they can help in any way, why not give them a try? Molds of her ears were completed and colors were picked out. I chose the strongest device available with the complete understanding that there may be very little improvement (if any at all) with her hearing.

I continue to practice ASL, I continue to research and find resources for learning and teaching. I want so desperately to be able to communicate and understand our new language, our new culture, our new world.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be Zoey’s mom. I can’t wait to experience this journey with her and the rest of our family. There are so many reasons why I am able to accept and embrace her diagnosis. So many reasons to not feel sorry for her or pity her or myself.

Zoey is my purpose. She is my miracle, my strength, my love, my life. She is beautiful and active and so incredibly happy! I am honored to be challenged in providing her with the best and happiest life possible.

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Today I got to spend the day with our beautiful daughter. We had an intake appointment at our local Family Resource Center for Family Centered Early Supports and Services. The second we walked through the door, we were met with smiles and friendly conversation. Everyone’s attention was drawn to baby Zoey. She was very interested by all of the new happy faces all around her.

The woman who conducted Zoey’s intake was kind, professional and knowledgeable. She asked many questions about my pregnancy, Zoey’s birth, family history, milestones and other developmental questions. She told me about the services and activities available to Zoey. And she emphasized that there would be no judgment about the personal information I had given her and that it would remain confidential.

I am very optimistic about our journey with Zoey and I look forward to connecting with other families and resources so that I can provide her with the best environment possible.