New Auction!

Click the link to bid and win one of these adorable newborn hats! Perfect for celebrating those red, white, and blue holidays!


Time to Order Your Easter Hats!

Now taking custom orders for Easter Bunny Ear Hats!

Long ears, short ears and additional detail options available.

All sizes available and 16 colors to choose from in super soft “I Love This Yarn.”


Crochet Easter Appliqués

I have attached the links to these super cute and easy crochet Easter appliqués!After trying a few, I found that these 3 are the easiest to start with. I plan on using mine to decorate some baby beanies for Easter.


Crochet A Pot Of Gold

I had a really hard time finding a good crochet pattern for a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day. So, I came up with my own!

I started off by chaining 6 and adding a single crochet into each loop. After that, when I started my next row, I added 2 single crochet followed by 1 single crochet in each loop and then ended with 2 single crochet in the last loop.

Chain 1, turn my work, 2 single crochet followed by 1 single crochet in each loop ending with 2 single crochet in the last loop.

I simply repeated with chain 1, turn, 2 single crochet, 1 single crochet to the second to last loop, end with 2 single crochet in last loop, and chain 1 until I came to the height that looked suitable.

After ending with a slip stitch, I took my ends and weaved them into the sides of each row from top to bottom to soften and round the sides of the pot.

For the gold coins, I took a size 3mm hook, made a magic circle and made 10 single crochet into the loop. End with slip stitch into first single crochet. Pull tail of magic circle to bring round together. I then used the ends and stitched them into the top of the pot with a finishing needle.