Holly Berry Candleholders

https://etsy.me/2qt3jXE These are so beautiful and romantic! I’m very pleased with the outcome of these holiday candleholders. I’ve decorated each one with holly leaves and berry confetti as well as glitter to add a frosty appearance. Each jar is sealed with gloss so that the materials won’t fall off and there won’t be a mess

Intense Overnight Essential Oils Healing Balm

https://etsy.me/36DKIIC As a nurse, my hands get so dry from washing them repeatedly that they crack and bleed! I’ve tried tons of different over the counter lotions, creams and ointments but I wasn’t impressed with the results. I started doing my research and was introduced to essential oils, how they work and what they can

New Rainbow Bracelets!

Beautiful glass beads with metallic detail for an extra eye catching shimmer. This bracelet is standard adult size and has a tie dye spiral pendant for an extra splash of vibrant style. If you are looking to purchase larger quantities for a special event, please contact me with your request and discount pricing. https://etsy.me/34j65NA

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