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Diy Silica Gel Crafting at Home.

Follow along to see new project ideas & progress updates!

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New! 23 pc Green Resin Leaves. 🌱


These clear epoxy resin leaves are hand painted in my favorite paint to add a beautiful stained glass like appearance to arts and crafts projects!

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Custom Instagram Nametags!

You can print an Instagram Nametag for your shop or keychain! While you are at it, why not add this scannable image to your business cards too? Customers can use their Instagram App to scan and view your shop from their phone! How awesome is that?!

Scannable Instagram Nametag

I’ll walk you through the steps! Or, click below to have Whimsy and Wicked LLC Print your Custom Instagram Nametag!

Custom Instagram Nametags!


Open your profile on the Instagram page or App. Tap or click the menu icon shown in the photo below.


Now find and tap or click Nametag from the menu options.


All you need to do now is choose a background color, or use one of the 2 filters available to customize your Nametag!

Once you are finished customizing your scannable Instagram Nametag, you can upload it, save it, print it or email it to me! I can print your Custom Instagram Nametag onto a 4×6 photo paper at pretty much any size. In the photo below, all of my Instagram Nametags in each of these sizes has worked when scanned!

Now I can make keychains as well as my own business cards with these scannable Nametags. Sharing and selling my  products from Instagram just got easier!


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Goffstown, NH: Can you help?

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Clear Epoxy Resin Art Supplies; Pay By Ounce!

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Project Update! 👀

In the new photos, I’m continuing to work on the backside of my project. New details are listed below:

  • You can see that I have added a small pond with a fish chasing bubbles! I’ve placed clear round resin pieces and applied paint to them to create colorful bubbles.
  • More mixed resin has been added to the area of the pond (about 1 teaspoon mixed resin). This will seal my bubbles, pebbles and fish (plus everything else I add) in their arranged place.
  • A popsicle stick is propping a bunny and a flower in place just outside of the pond while my resin sets.
  • Lastly, clear round resin pieces have been placed to the bottom of the pond as pebbles/rocks.
Poured resin to pond area. Added colorful bubbles, pebbles, a clear resin flower and a yellow wood bunny.
Previous photo. Before adding 1 teaspoon of resin to pond area and before placing pebbles, flower or bunny.
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Goffstown, New Hampshire

Residents of Goffstown, New Hampshire,

you can request a free sample of assorted clear resin pieces for DIY arts and crafts!

This free service will continue for the duration of our Goffstown, New Hampshire community quarantine.

These supplies are handmade daily. Supplies may be limited depending on the number of “qualified” requests.

Please click “contact” to request your free sample!