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Project Update! 👀

In the new photos, I’m continuing to work on the backside of my project. New details are listed below:

  • You can see that I have added a small pond with a fish chasing bubbles! I’ve placed clear round resin pieces and applied paint to them to create colorful bubbles.
  • More mixed resin has been added to the area of the pond (about 1 teaspoon mixed resin). This will seal my bubbles, pebbles and fish (plus everything else I add) in their arranged place.
  • A popsicle stick is propping a bunny and a flower in place just outside of the pond while my resin sets.
  • Lastly, clear round resin pieces have been placed to the bottom of the pond as pebbles/rocks.
Poured resin to pond area. Added colorful bubbles, pebbles, a clear resin flower and a yellow wood bunny.
Previous photo. Before adding 1 teaspoon of resin to pond area and before placing pebbles, flower or bunny.

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