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Using Clear Epoxy Resin

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been spending a lot more time with epoxy resin. Short of the long: I’ve decided to blog about it!

Clear epoxy resin shapes and forms.

I mix, pour and cure my epoxy resin into forms and shapes. Then, I use them in other projects to add more decorative detail. By adding paint, the shapes and forms become more stained glass-like in appearance.

Painted epoxy resin flowers

I have picked a project to show you how you can use clear, epoxy resin pieces to outline and decorate a photo or image.

Below is my “I Love You” in ASL photo project! Follow along for step-by-step instructions, tips, project ideas and more. It’s where all the magic happens!

If you want to join in on the fun, I have clear and colored epoxy resin shapes and forms available for purchase. These are craft supplies I make and use on a daily basis for my personal projects. I do take requests for larger quantities and customizations such as adding color or glitter.

12 Clear Resin Leaves Assorted Size and Shape

12 clear epoxy resin leaves in assorted shapes and sizes. Use them as an arts and crafts supply to add detail and texture to your project. You can also paint them for a stained glass like appearance! Finish with your choice of clear adhesive.


3 pc Clear Epoxy Resin Flowers

3 pieces clear epoxy resin flowers for arts and crafts! Just add your choice of clear adhesive. Pieces are customizable. Add glitter or paint for DIY customization or send a request for Whimsy and Wicked to customize it for you! Larger quantities available upon request.


Clear Resin Flowers

Clear resin flowers sold individually. Use as arts and crafts supply. Add flower to project "as is" or apply glitter with clear adhesive (or) apply paint for a stained glass like appearance. *Request to order in bulk and save! All clear resin supplies are customizable. Have Whimsy and Wicked add the paint and glitter for you! Request details today!


You could also use small items like beads, dried flowers, buttons, rhinestones, sprinkles or whatever you can find a decent supply of. 👉🏻Rummage through the kitchen cupboards or scrap craft supplies!💡

Other Supplies you will need:

  • a copy of a photo or image,
  • clear adhesive. Take note of drying time and the clarity of the adhesive when it dries.
  • toothpicks (or another fine tipped tool).

You will need to cover your workspace with something to protect the surface. I use clear plastic to drape over my table because it’s smooth and flat. Then, I add parchment paper with the corners taped down to keep it flat and level. That will be the area I use to pour my resin.

You will be applying mixed resin (or another clear drying adhesive) directly into a photo. If you need to protect the photo: place clear plastic wrap (or another clear plastic cover) over the photo to protect it. I use plastic wrap because it is easier to see the outline and details of my photocopied hand!

Use clear or customized resin pieces to outline or frame your picture. Apply clear adhesive to keep arranged pieces together.

You can arrange your clear resin pieces, or whatever materials you are using, to frame or outline your picture. After arranging the pieces, simply apply clear adhesive to hold your items in place. Cover your project and allow it to dry overnight. Or, to be sure your frame or outlined pieces will hold strong, apply more layers of clear adhesive to build strength and added durability.

After your project has set and cured, gently remove and separate the plastic wrap from the resin.

Your project will most likely be flexible and bend while you are removing the plastic. If you feel you have not applied enough resin, don’t fret! You will be applying more resin throughout the next few steps.

Now that you have separated the plastic from the resin, turn and face your project upside down. The surface you cured overnight will be facing down. The area you just removed the plastic from will be the area you will work on next. See photo below.

Resin project turned upside down after curing and removing the plastic. It’s time to outline and detail my picture!

Hooray! You made it!

It’s time for the next step. 💡Remember, try not to judge the skeleton of your project just yet. If you feel disappointed, keep in mind that there is much more you can do before you call it quits! However, if you feel satisfied with you results, move forward and try a new project!

Experimenting with resin will lead to new discoveries of what you can do and create. Don’t forget to share your progress and show off you masterpiece!

In my next blog, I’m going to show you how to add paint to outline and detail both the resin picture as well as the resin pieces I added. I’ll see you next week for: “Applying Paint to Outline and Detail Your Clear Epoxy Resin.”

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Toothpicks or stylus to apply paint.
  • Paint (glitter, small or other fine materials can be added as well)
  • Gloves (protect your skin from chemicals of paint, other toxic or harmful materials)
  • Paper towels
  • Small cup (or use cap from paint container).
Apply paint with a toothpick to outline and detail resin work.

See you soon!

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