Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Zoey just turned 4 months old! I can’t believe how fast time goes. Savoring every moment with her is my daily goal.

Zoey had another appointment with Early Interventions recently. We will start with home visits very soon! The 2 ladies who did her assessment were so kind, nonjudgmental and very knowledgeable. I am excited to be a part of it all.

Zoey watches me practice ASL daily. I know my ABCs with little hesitation now and she appears to be very intrigued and entertained when I practice sign language. She watches my hands most every time.

I have observed reactions with 2 different signs so far:

Milk and diaper.

After I make a bottle, and before I let her drink from it, I sign “milk.” Sometimes her crying calms. Other times she becomes eager with anticipation. Other times she is too upset and hungry to acknowledge my signing.

With the sing “diaper” I show her before a diaper change. I then show her a diaper and sign again. Typically, she becomes very excited. She smiles and starts to kick her feet happily.

I continue to label objects in our home with pictures of their signs. Her play area has pictures of signs for different animals and activities. I also have an area on the bathroom wall for when she has a bath:

Bath, soap, wash, shampoo, dry, towel etc.

The wall behind the couch has a quick reference guide for baby sign language, the alphabet and signs I try to use daily. Like mommy, daddy, milk, please, thank you and all done. I have so much more I want to do when it comes to labeling and learning ASL! I’d like to make small reference posters for certain places and activities. Posters that are within view so that I can simply look up and see the sign I’m looking for.

YouTube has become a huge learning tool for me. I watch songs and stories in sign language. I learned my alphabet from a very repetitive video. And I am learning more signs and short phrases from ASL YouTube videos for beginners.

I also started a group chat on my iPhone titled, “Family ASL” and invited family members and friends who are eager to learn ASL with me. Now we can all be on the same page when it comes to communicating with Zoey. It’s also a great way to share our resources and progress!

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