Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Our 3 month old daughter has failed 3 hearing tests so far. 2 failed tests within her 2 first weeks of life, and 1 failed test just before reaching 3 months old.

After the first test, we were told that they issue may be fluid in her ears. I had a c-section and not a vaginal birth. So they figured the fluid just didn’t get pushed out as it would have with a vaginal birth.

Because our daughter was born 3 weeks early, she had some other difficulties. She needed oxygen soon after she was born. So she was taken to the hospital nursery.

She dropped 13% of her 6lb birthweight because she was tiring very quickly at the breast and bottle. So A tube was inserted through her nose and down into her stomach so that we could feed her whatever was left in her bottle.

After 2 weeks in the hospital, and finally gaining her birthweight back, she needed another hearing test before we could be discharged. She failed the second test just as the first. And again we were told that it may just be fluid in her ears. However, the 3rd test she recently failed showed no fluid in her ears. She will now need to go to Dartmouth in Lebanon for a 4th test.

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