2 In 1 Essential Oil Air Freshener AND Skin Moisturizer!

Here is my newest project!

I have been tinkering with essential oils lately. At first it was a quick gift idea for Mother’s Day but then my boyfriend started applying one of my essential oil lotions to his dry feet and he was pretty impressed!

I started looking at different recipes and ideas on Pinterest and I came across DIY wax melts. That’s how I came up with an idea for essential oil air fresheners. But what would I put them in and how could they be used and displayed?

I started rummaging through my craft supplies and found Easter eggs. They were just big enough, they open and close and they are pretty and can be decorated! So I sat for a while and tried to come up with a plan. So here it is!

I filled the inside of the egg with a recipe I found and liked for essential oil wax melts. I poked some extra holes at the top of the egg and I added an elastic string so it can be hung. Then I added a flower to the front of the egg which is going to act as part of a closure.

Why do I want to be able to open and close the egg? Why not just seal them shut? Because you can also use the contents as a fragrant, skin friendly moisturizer! Whaaaat?!

Available for purchase soon!

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