Holly Berry Candleholders

These are so beautiful and romantic! I’m very pleased with the outcome of these holiday candleholders. I’ve decorated each one with holly leaves and berry confetti as well as glitter to add a frosty appearance.

Each jar is sealed with gloss so that the materials won’t fall off and there won’t be a mess of glitter and confetti everywhere. The rim of the hat is decorated with a ring of leaves and each candleholder comes with a LED flickering tea light.


Do You Hear Those Bells?!

Here is a new item just added to my Etsy Shop. Jingle Bell Bracelets! Ring in that holiday spirit!…

I only have 7 available in different patterns. I will be posting the rest of them soon!

Sizes range from 7.5″ to 8″ in length.

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New Rainbow Bracelets!

Beautiful glass beads with metallic detail for an extra eye catching shimmer.
This bracelet is standard adult size and has a tie dye spiral pendant for an extra splash of vibrant style.
If you are looking to purchase larger quantities for a special event, please contact me with your request and discount pricing.

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Tie Dye Half Aprons

Check these out!

Tie dye aprons are available for purchase.

Buy one or buy in bulk and save!

Pick your colors and your pattern.

These 2 are heading out To Pennsylvania!

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SOLD! Thank You For Your Donation!

Thank you to all of my customers for their recent purchases!

10% of all sales from the items below will be donated to:

Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Colorado.

Many, many, many thanks!

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Auction! 15% Will Be Donated to Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Today I got to spend the day with our beautiful daughter. We had an intake appointment at our local Family Resource Center for Family Centered Early Supports and Services. The second we walked through the door, we were met with smiles and friendly conversation. Everyone’s attention was drawn to baby Zoey. She was very interested by all of the new happy faces all around her.

The woman who conducted Zoey’s intake was kind, professional and knowledgeable. She asked many questions about my pregnancy, Zoey’s birth, family history, milestones and other developmental questions. She told me about the services and activities available to Zoey. And she emphasized that there would be no judgment about the personal information I had given her and that it would remain confidential.

I am very optimistic about our journey with Zoey and I look forward to connecting with other families and resources so that I can provide her with the best environment possible.

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Hear No Evil: Born Deaf

Our 3 month old daughter has failed 3 hearing tests so far. 2 failed tests within her 2 first weeks of life, and 1 failed test just before reaching 3 months old.

After the first test, we were told that they issue may be fluid in her ears. I had a c-section and not a vaginal birth. So they figured the fluid just didn’t get pushed out as it would have with a vaginal birth.

Because our daughter was born 3 weeks early, she had some other difficulties. She needed oxygen soon after she was born. So she was taken to the hospital nursery.

She dropped 13% of her 6lb birthweight because she was tiring very quickly at the breast and bottle. So A tube was inserted through her nose and down into her stomach so that we could feed her whatever was left in her bottle.

After 2 weeks in the hospital, and finally gaining her birthweight back, she needed another hearing test before we could be discharged. She failed the second test just as the first. And again we were told that it may just be fluid in her ears. However, the 3rd test she recently failed showed no fluid in her ears. She will now need to go to Dartmouth in Lebanon for a 4th test.


New Auction!

Click the link to bid and win one of these adorable newborn hats! Perfect for celebrating those red, white, and blue holidays!

Christmas, Essential Oil Gifts

Intense Overnight Essential Oils Healing Balm

As a nurse, my hands get so dry from washing them repeatedly that they crack and bleed! I’ve tried tons of different over the counter lotions, creams and ointments but I wasn’t impressed with the results.

I started doing my research and was introduced to essential oils, how they work and what they can be used for.

This is my personal recipe that works for my sensitive skin.

I’ve put together small containers for people to try because I know how expensive the search for what works best can add up to.

But don’t worry! …If it’s a match for your skin’s needs, I can make you a larger batch so you don’t have to keep buying little jars.

But I will say, these adorable little jars are perfect as favors and small gifts.

Feel free to contact me with your requests!